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Admixtures and Mould Releases

The Colchem range of admixtures and mould releases are designed primarily for the production of high quality, architectural and decorative concrete. However, the products offer performance characteristics which are beneficial in even basic concrete manufacture.

Colchem admixtures and mould releases aim to enhance performance and finish of architectural concrete through improved water repellence, suppression of efflorescence, increased workability and superior surface condition.


Todays' product range comprises

Hebau Hydromix Fluid 50

is an efflorescence inhibitor particularly useful in coloured concrete, including cladding, pavers, paving slabs and landscape furniture. In addition Hydromix has excellent water repellent properties, restricting water ingress to concrete surfaces, significantly reducing risk from freeze/thaw attack. The benefits apply to all surfaces, including semi dry, etched or exposed aggregate components. Water absorption, even through hair line cracks, is prevented so offering considerable quality improvements to Cast Stone units and GFRC elements. Inclusion of Hydromix does tend to aid dispersal of pigment which can result in more intense colour development or reduced pigment dosage.

Hebau Arcon Fluid

was initially developed as a means to restrict aggregate segregation within the concrete mix, so improving the consistency of the exposed aggregate finish. This remains the main application in both precast and ready mixed concrete production. Workability is much improved and Arcon offers a substantial degree of self-compaction. Unlike standard self-compacting admixtures, Arcon Fluid is designed to work without adjustment to the preferred mix design. This is especially important with exposed aggregate where the proportion of course aggregate will usually be higher than normal.

Hebau Wabicon HP Mould Release

is a high performance, non-staining, film forming mould release, specially formulated for decorative, textured and high quality architectural concrete. Not to be confused with commodity soap or oil based mould releases, Wabicon HP will aid the production of dust free, immaculate, fair faced architectural concrete surfaces, without contamination of the finished product. Wabicon HP mould release can be used on steel, wood or plastic moulds and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical faces in both precast and in-situ applications.

All three products are formulated for the highest level of performance, so consumption rates are economic whilst making a major contribution to overall quality.

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