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Decorative Concrete Pavement.

The combination of COLCHEM concrete chemicals and Classic Landscape Colours offer a flexible and creative range of options for attractive concrete roadways, pavement, car parking, and residential drives, paths or patios.





Coloured Concrete Hardstanding with FERROTONE

Colour addition with simple, traditional concrete finishes such as broom and band, sponged surface, micro etch or smooth trowelled can create value added results for a very small extra cost, with no additional skills or experience required.

Exposed Aggregate Pavement with WHISPERCAST

The next level would be to utilise our proprietary Whispercast system, producing controlled depth exposed aggregate surfaces where the matrix may or may not be colour tinted. There are three methods for this:

  • Whispercast Rustique which involves exposing aggregate within the standard concrete mix.
  • Whispercast Seeded - by surface seeding specially selected decorative aggregate into the surface.
  • Whispercast Silkstone Toppings - a monolithic or bonded screed containing all the ingredients for a desired finish.

Top Surface Retarders are available to reveal aggregate depth from 0.5 mm to 6.00, depending on the texture and appearance sought.

Post Finishing with Decorative Stains:

Sienna and Sorrento decorative stains are produced for post finishing any concrete surface. For pavements this would most often take the form of absorption into the concrete surface by either Sienna Reactive or Sorrento penetrating stains, which permanently colour and decorate the slab to give a variegated, earth tone, stone like appearance. With Sorrento penetrating stains it is also possible to incorporate vibrant colours, such as blues, greens or bright red, which would be difficult or expensive to achieve with pigmentation, as features or identification areas.

A Sienna Reactive Stain wash can also be used as an alternative to tinting the concrete matrix in exposed aggregate.

Surface Protection:

In all cases application of the appropriate protective coating at modest cost is essential for long term durability of any decorative concrete finish. COLCHEM protective coatings offer a selection of options for this purpose. (click here)

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Sienna and Sorento