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Concrete Surface Protection.

Protection of any concrete surface, whilst optional, is a modest and worthwhile investment. This is especially true for decorative or architectural concrete where the benefit of added value will be sustained through appropriate protection. The COLCHEM range provides solutions for most requirements extending from basic dirt and stain resistance to enhanced freeze/thaw performance, anti-graffiti coatings, dust proofing, surface hardening, and improved abrasion resistance.





Todays' product range comprises

Hebau Colorfresh Intensive

a solvent free, penetrating, colour enhancing protective coating, which can be applied immediately onto fresh concrete or fully cured surfaces. The product is vapour permeable, non- hazardous in use and significantly improves UV protection. Benefits include excellent resistance to dirt, oil and water staining, suppression of efflorescence, with protection against carbonation, industrial emissions or weathering. The finished result is an easily maintained, water repellent, skid resistant and durable concrete.

Hebau Colortec Max

has all the performance criteria of Colorfresh Intensiv above, with the added enhancement of being invisible after application. This is very beneficial when applied to natural stone, exposed aggregate or cast stone surfaces where it is important to maintain original appearance and texture of the finished product.

Hebau Colortec CTR

is a refined version of the Hebau penetrating protective coating range, which does not impart any sheen to the surface and can be applied to ultra-smooth, fair faced concrete immediately after de-moulding. Colortec CTR offers efficiency and quality benefits to the pre-caster by providing effective surface protection to architectural units, without double handling or production delay.

Hebau Prowall 11

a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating for the protection of vulnerable installations. Prowall 11 is water based, and non-hazardous in use. It is a one component non-yellowing, UV resistant system, which is essentially invisible after use. Vapour permeability is only marginally reduced. Graffiti can generally be removed with high pressure washing, with no additional chemicals required.

Aquron 1000

is a densifying and dust proofing protective coating for light and medium duty concrete floors, including polished concrete or decoratively stained retail type installations. The product is long established and well proven for high performance floor finishes where maintenance of appearance and long term durability are important.


is a sacrificial floor polish, imparting surface initial protection and a high gloss finish when use in conjunction with other COLCHEM coatings. This is a valuable and cost effective option to high cost polished floor treatments.term durability are important.

We passionately believe in the long term benefits of a good concrete surface protection and maintenance regime so are happy to offer advice and information on the options available.

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