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Decorative Concrete Floor Finishes.

Concrete is a wonderful material. It is strong, durable, and capable of being finished to the highest architectural standards. Addition of consistent colour, decorative staining, burnishing, polishing, incorporation of graphics and imaginative joint patterns offer an infinite array of design possibilities. Any concept from traditional to contemporary can take advantage of this flexibility and structural performance.


The COLCHEM interior flooring product range provides a wide selection of surface treatments for decoration, protection, enhancement and upkeep. This is coupled with excellent tech data, advice and experience on the beneficial use of concrete as a desirable finished floor. The products comprise:

FERROTONE - for coloured concrete hardstanding - pre dosed for addition into the concrete mix with a range of subtle colours from Pale Mist to Dark Slate. 10 standard colours are available, with the capability to produce custom blends where economic volumes allow. The surfaces can be smooth trowelled, burnished, polished, micro etched or riven textured, without the need for specialist technique or experience.

Sienna Reactive Stains - are a post finish onto new or existing concrete floors which impart a unique, variegated stone like effect to the concrete surface.

SORRENTO Penetrating Stains are water based penetrating stains in an extensive range of colours capable of creating colour impact from semi translucent tints to solid vibrant hues.

Silkstone a thin coat micro-topping of approx.. 3mm, especially useful for renovation or final finishing of concrete floors prior to hand over. Available i n up to 24 colours in addition to cool and light grey, Silkstone can be applied over existing flooring structures including tile and masonry.

Surface Protection

A critical element of any quality hard concrete floor finish is protection against dirt ingress, contamination from spills and degradation of the original appearance. It is essential that a surface protection and maintenance regime is incorporated into the specification. In addition particular requirements for abrasion and slip resistance can and should be addressed in the selection of protective coatings and polishes.

The COLCHEM Range of protective coatings (click here) cover most eventualities and we are happy to advise on specific requirements.

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